Press pass applications are Soon to Open for The Runway Show 2019!

We welcome new registrations from Press and Media


AFROShow allows a select number of bloggers, reporters, photographers and videographers to cover the event the night of the shows.

Press passes are available for qualified candidates. Please apply now if you would like us to consider you for this opportunity.


Bloggers and reporters will be given special seats during the shows. Photographers and videographers do not receive seats but will have their own designated area to shoot. Photographers and Videographers found to be shooting outside of this area may be asked to leave the venue immediately and press permissions removed for the remainder of the season.

The Runway Show will be held June 15th, 2019 and press passes are available for both Shows.




This is a small team of photographers and videographers contracted by The AFRSOshow to cover all aspects of the event, venue, behind the scenes, runway coverage and event guests



The dynamic resides in London and specialises in many types of photography. He is fashion photography experts, capturing beautiful editorial, commercial, and runway shots. He also does weddings and workshops, making them an all-around asset to AFROShow and its the community.



Nzinga is also living in London, she has a passion for photography and specialises in a variety of photography. She has an eye for capturing many special moments that happen backstage and on stage. She  has been involved in taking many family portraits pictures, also businesses events and workshops all over the UK 



Brian is a professional videographer with experience creating media for multiple platforms, including television, web, and live presentations. Excellent editing skills on ... He enjoys being creative, working on a schedule, and love watching a project grow exponentially due to is efforts as a video producer.





This could be you! Journalists, bloggers, photographers and videographers from legitimate press organisations who are covering AFROShow 



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